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Welcome to my project presentation. Though this is a wiki, it consists of very few, dense nodes which are best presented chronologically. It's about the process, after all!

First, let me introduce the welcome page. This is the first page I created for the wiki and the most frequently updated. On the left, you'll see a brief introduction to the project which has held mostly true throughout its development. In one of the studio tours of my project, someone pointed out that I have a link to a page called "concept," which I never ended up creating. On the right is the status report. Since most of my nodes are created in one sitting and are about the equivalent of a three or four page paper, I am usually in a celebratory mood when I finish one. I immediately post an update and a link to it on the main page to inform visitors of new content. Besides, having a constantly changing main page reassures me that there's life in this project. For now, on to the drawing board.

Status Report

Well, the commerce page is finished. Though most of the NPC ships' day-to-day revolves around making money, it is only one of many possible venues for the player. I would like for it to be well-developed enough that a player will be satisfied being a space-capitalist, but I don't want the commercial aspect of the galactic arm to become a game in and of itself.

For some reason, I sat down and spat out this bit about remote ship management. It turns out that finishing a ten page paper gets the creative juices flowing!

Gracious, gracious, I've been gone a long time. My life has recently been overturned and I'm still in the recovery stage of things, which happened to be at about the same time that many of my major projects in other classes came due. In order to prove that I am still somewhat alive, I've posted what I've written so far about commerce, one of the two major non-violent venues Remnant players may pursue.

Well, it's the night before we check in in Weblogs and Wikis and I'm actually fairly confident that I've reached my first goal in time. Though I said I'd have less than a dozen (probably not more than a dozen), I am a little surprised to only have a half dozen seriously in-depth essays. This does worry me because, though wikis do develop towards essays, I'm wondering whether or not certain 'topics' under a broader mechanic, such as bring to bear belongs under movement or deserves its own page. Regardless, I've (finally) written about combat as well as combat scanning and drones. The only main mechanic I really have yet to touch on is commerce, and I'm considering revamping a part of ship modification to account for the physical presence of resources. For example, one cannot carry 800 tons of crystal on a tiny, tiny ship. This necessitates cargo holds and can be very important for mining and exploring Remnants.

I wasn't kidding when I said I was getting back to work! I just added some info on the game's multiplayer. Also, satirically, singleplayer.

It's March 20th, Spring Break is over, as is the dreaded English Lit midterm. My unannounced hiatus is officially over. With the obligations of the break and serious schoolwork behind me, I'll actually have time to commit to my blog and to this project. I've started by fleshing out one of the key features, the most important mechanic of the Remnant game: ship modification. Unfortunately, I ran out of steam before I could finish the explanation of hull modification, but I intend to drink coffee and get to that very soon.

An Introduction

Hello and welcome to the Remnant, a wiki designed to contain and organize information about a heretofore nonexistent video game. If you've stumbled across this site accidentally, let me encourage you to read on to make some sense out of the previous sentence. If you're here to explore this idea or contribute to it in any way, feel free to browse around or go right to the Drawing Board to see what's on the burner today.

What's the Remnant again?

It is the current working name of an imaginary video game. The concept of the game is the object for which this wiki exists. The game is not in development, nor will it probably ever be. This game is receiving my attention simply because I want it to exist and, as it's all imaginary anyway, nothing's to be lost in the process of conceptualizing it. This is the construction of an ideal game, a place to vent frustrated creative energy and, if nothing else, an experiment.

What kind of game is it?

In brief, a fusion of the Homeworld games, EVE Online, the obscure Starshatter, Infinity: The Quest for Earth and a 3D Modeling program. It borrows from each game one of its strongest points: The visuals and combat of Homeworld, the versatility of weapons and personal attachment to a ship in EVE, the systems management of Starshatter, the vast scope of Infinity and the endless creation of 3D Studio Max. For more information on the game, go to the Concept page.


Until this wiki has quite a bit more content, determining the best method of getting around may be tricky. I'd suggest using the drop-down menu links in the upper right to find the general category you'd like to explore or, better yet, use the built-in search form to find what you're looking for.

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