Combat Scanning

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“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.” Sun Tzu's famous quote holds true in the Remnant game; if the player knows what they're up against, they will have a vast advantage. Though sensors and scouting drones can provide some sense of the enemy, a combat scan can provide a thorough map of an opponent. Only infiltration drones can provide a better look at the insides of another vessel.

An analyzer component coupled with combat scanner components are required in order to perform a combat scan. The success of the scan, the amount of time it takes and the depth to which it penetrates are all dependent on how many analyzers and external scanners are used, the logical matrix of the Remnant performing the scan and the amount and placement of scanner-dampening hulls within the target.

A successful scan will produce a plan. Plans are 3D schematics of enemy ships which can be viewed in a non-editing version of the player's ship modification menus. Plans themselves are valuable and can be bought and sold to NPCs. One way to gain favor with a faction of NPCs is to combat-scan key enemy vessels and sell them the plans. Likewise, some NPCs may have plans for ships or stations the player might want to attack which the player can buy. Plans can sometimes be retrieved from the destroyed ships that carried them in the process of salvage and reverse-engineering.

It's important to remember that enemies are capable of combat-scanning the player as well and, should the plans for the player's ship circulate among the NPCs, life might become very difficult. Investing in some scanner-dampening hulls and changing the infrastructure of one's ship every so often is worthwhile.

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