The Player

This is the first page I really wrote about the Remnant universe. As you can see, there's not much here besides a traditional RPG-style list of attributes. While those came into play frequently in other nodes, this page seems like it needs a bit more to it. A prime candidate for revision. Next, the movement page.

The Remnant

Players of this game will take the part of Remnants: Powerful, intelligent, sentient computers which once served as the thinking cores of ancient, stellar warships. Their old bodies shattered in the war, the exposed Remnant computers don't look too unlike human brains. The player's first experience in the game will be to tailor the look of their remnant via the character customization system. From there, they will assign points to their Remnant's five key attributes.

Attribute System

Every Remnant has five attributes to which a certain number of starting points can be assigned. Gathering experience in-game grants new points for the player to spend. As each attribute affects the game by adjusting percentages, there is no limit on the amount of points that can be assigned to one attribute, although very few Remnant can be effective without at least a few points assigned to each attribute.

Electronics Infrastructure
Points towards Infrastructure contribute to the total number of components a ship can run. More advanced components require more advanced infrastructure. This attribute is important for large ships and ships with advanced equipment. It's critical for stations.
Processing Power
Points towards Processing increase the speed and efficiency with which systems operate. Though many components will work with a minimum of processing power, some require a decent amount to function. Regardless, faster is better, especially with weapons systems.
Logical Matrix
Points added to the AI's reasoning capability shorten research time, allow for reverse-engineering and unlock parts of the research tree. Some research projects can take days (realtime), making points in the Logical Matrix a must.
Interfacing Capability
This attribute governs the capacity with which the AI can communicate with other computers. The amount of drones controllable, their reaction time and range are all governed by Interfacing. The ability to infiltrate other computer systems, aggressively or otherwise, is dependent on this attribute.
Personality Emulation
This attribute governs the capacity with which the AI can communicate with human beings, allowing for more persuasive bargaining, notoriety and solid allegiances. Personality Emulation is crucial for any ship dealing with humanity, especially trade vessels or stations.
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